The packaging company AS Cista is a company located in South- Estonia based on private capital, established in 1992.

Currently AS Cista employs 40 workers and the annual turnover of the company amounts to about 2 million euros. We realize the largest part of our production in Estonia, the export part constitutes 30% of the total turnover. The production of AS Cista has been organized in Estonia and Russia, in addition to that the company has sales representations also in Latvia and Finland. AS Cista has looking for representatives in Sweden.

55 % of the gross production of the company is formed of several packages for manufactured goods and foodstuffs, made of corrugated board. 35 % of total turnover comes from cardboard packages. In this field the product list is very extensive ranging from price tags to exclusive packages for the jewelry industry. We use cardboard for the making of different office supplies (folders, dossiers, recorders).
It should also be mentioned that our factory uses the so-called laminating technique (quality of offset printing connected with the strength of corrugated board) for making packages for the electronics industry.

The third field of activity is connected with paper. We are the only company in Estonia to produce paper bags in three-color print and we are able to make more complicated so-called shopping bags.

In addition to traditional products we make different language learning aids, board games, traffic-related study aids meant for children and also special packages for history archives and state companies and banks for continuous preservation of documents. For the Defense Forces, hunters and the Police we make notes and special, easy to handle figures with the corresponding marking from corrugated board.

All products of AS Cista have been made from nature friendly materials. The flexible technology enables to make series from 3 to 300, 000 units. We make the package with the measurements suitable to the client and in the quantity necessary to him.  All the ordered products are always delivered to the client.

Cista house